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Soul Rebellion is an Action-Adventure game with a mysterious story full of plot twists and humor. 

This is a 1-2 hours demo. The game is in development by only one person, so your feedback is greatly appreciated!

In the lands of Armelia, 10 people have been possessed by the soul of ancient heroes. The culprit is a mysterious sorcerer who has forced them to participate in a game to return to normality: the assassination of the Armelian Empire's King.

Swap between two souls!
Swap between Sigma, a skilled swordsman and "Lord Sideon", a powerful mage who has possessed Sigma's body. Combine their skills in real time to defeat enemies and solve puzzles.

Release your soul!
Fly freely through the stages and interact with the environment releasing your own soul. You can destroy objects, move them to another place and return to your body at any time. Get more skills progressing in the story.

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Soul Rebellion - Demo 2.3.zip 737 MB
Soul Rebellion - Demo v1.0.app.zip 743 MB

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Great game I really enjoyed it. I had some graphicial glitches during the forest area and I had to quit. Also there is a glitch that prevents the menues from apearing at all. You can check  out my video if you like and you can see some of the glitches for your self. But otherwise a great game I can't wait to play more when its patched. Oh and the english if great!! For a game that was translated from Spanish to English it was amazingly good!!

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Hi, Thanks you very much for playing the demo! I'm really sorry you had to experience such a heavy glitches. It looks like the forest was very poorly optimizated, so the game crash there if the computer is not powerfull enough. I just uploaded a new version with several optimizations.

Oh, if you want to try the game again, you can swap between characters with right click (this advice didn't show well due to the glitch) but it's still really recommended to play with a controller, if you had one.
Thanks again for your impressions!

Thanks for the reply. I would really love to finish the demo i had a lot of fun playing so far. It's an amazing game and I can't wait to see the full game. I know your just one person and what you've done so far is amazing I really respect that.

I must add, the game was translated from Spanish to English, so it could be mistakes. Please let me know if you find one.